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Ricardo Breceda

Ricardo Breceda

We couldn’t help but discover the amazing art of Ricardo Breceda while in Borrego Springs, California scouting our Desert Awakening campaign. His incredible, larger than life (literally) prehistoric creatures once again cast a shadow on the desert sand throughout the Borrego Valley. His story is o Read More

Desert Awakening:  Musings from Mahala

Desert Awakening: Musings from Mahala

Everything you are drawn to seems to have a sense of nostalgia and maybe it is because you came out here to forget. You pull on flittering folds of translucent fabrics that remind you of the Amalfi Coast, or Marrakesh or some other exotic adventure. You feel like playing old records that, out here, Read More

The Story of Børn, Part 1: Discovery

The Story of Børn, Part 1: Discovery

The Børn story is founded on the enduring nature of art and our passion for beautiful, handcrafted comfort. The idea that footwear could be designed with a free-spirited, independent fashion attitude and still embody an amazing comfort experience, marked the beginning of a new era of footwear desig Read More

Desert Awakening

Desert Awakening

WARM, GILDED TONES EMERGE WITH THE SUN RISE OVER THE LOW DESERT LANDSCAPE AS WE EMBARK ON OUR DESERT AWAKENING… As “Desert Awakening” came to life in the wilderness of Borrego Springs, California, we were swept away by the surreal landscape, transported to an otherworldly realm, in the seemin Read More

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Here at Børn, we love our occasional fast food splurges but we truly try our best to eat whole, locally grown foods. Of course, eating well doesn’t have to mean dull and tasteless. Just last month, we took a journey to the quaint countryside hamlet of Frenchtown, NJ. Among the sprawling dairy Read More

Our Børn Holiday 2014 Gift Guide

With the winter holidays fast approaching, our spirits are lifted by the gathering of friends and family and the warmth shared by the love of giving. What better way to embrace the holiday spirit than to give the gift of comfort with a pair of artisan crafted Børn? We’ve curated our top picks to Read More

Organic Beauty, Organically Inspired Comfort

This month, we took a trip to The B Hive Organic Salon – an eco salon that embodies the Børn philosophy in so many ways.  Angela and James Alba conceived the idea for this salon when faced with the harsh realities of the mainstream hair and beauty industry – stylists and clients risk exces Read More

Autumn Light

Maybe it’s the excitement of the possibilities of the new harvest season or the craving for comfort as summer makes its bittersweet exit. Whatever the reason may be, that first bite of crisp chill in the morning air awakens our need for a fall refresh, not only for our wardrobes but for our home d Read More

Comfort by Design…The Art of Opanka

From its inception, Børn footwear has been synonymous with comfort. But what makes Børn so unique? The Opanka construction technique is an Old World shoe-making technique that sews the outsole, insole, sock lining and upper components of the shoe in one stitch, eliminating the need for excess ceme Read More

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