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Our Favorite Cold-Fighting Recipe: Immunity Tea

Our Favorite Cold-Fighting Recipe: Immunity Tea

As cold and flu season is right around the corner, the Børn team wants to share with you our favorite immunity-boosting tea recipe. We do our best to provide our consumers with comfortable footwear… However, shoes only do so much when it comes to fighting off illness.


This Immunity Tea calls for the following ingredients:

1 small lemon

1-inch piece of raw ginger root

cayenne pepper





Bring a mug’s worth of water to a boil. While the water boils, skin and score the ginger. See below for what the ginger should resemble:


Skin and Scored Ginger


Place the ginger in the mug and pour boiling water on top. Allow two minutes to steep before adding the next ingredient. During this time, cut and juice a lemon. Use half to a whole lemon depending on your preference. Pour the lemon juice into the mug. Finally, add a dash of cayenne pepper (incoming spiciness). Stir and enjoy! Preferably by the fire with your cozy Børn slipper socks, but that’s just our input.


Finished Lemon Ginger Tea


Our recipe for the Immunity Tea (or Immuni-Tea for short) has many cold-fighting properties. The lemon provides vitamin C and promotes digestion. It’s also great for a sore throat. The ginger helps reduce nausea and also aids in digestion. It also contains gingerol, which is a powerful antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Lastly, the cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, another antioxidant. It aids in fighting illnesses and may also help clear up some congestion.


The science backs these ingredients (any google search will confirm this) and the consensus is IT WORKS. The next time you feel a scratchy throat or stuffy nose, stock up on these 3 ingredients to help ward off pesky cold weather illnesses.


The team here at Børn hopes you enjoy this recipe and wishes you a healthy, happy, and comfortable winter. Take comfort. Take care!