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Shoes for the Squad

Shoes for the Squad

Parents of young children know how hectic it can be to leave the house. Between getting the bag ready, putting on the shoes, the jackets, sometimes it’s a wonder you’ve managed to make it out of the house at all.


Scotti, a contributor for The Mom Edit, knows this best. She and her husband Zack recently held a fam photoshoot for their toddler and newborn. Getting everyone ready, including herself, for the photoshoot was, well, a less than glamorous experience. Of the day, she writes, “You know those family photos where everyone looks perfect and their clothes are coordinated and everyone is actually looking at the camera at the same time with a smile on their face?  I love those pictures.  Because I know what goes into getting a photo like that: chaos.”


For their photoshoot, the fam of four took a walk through fall foliage. Scotti wore our knit MEGGS bootie, a comfy sock bootie, in burgundy. Zack wore the HEMLOCK boot in grand canyon, a beautiful brown leather.

momedit scotti




After all was said and done, and plenty of adorable pictures taken, Scotti reflected on the day: “But one tip – if I may share a tip – is not only to embrace the chaos, but to actually make it part of the photoshoot itself.  Some of our favorite moments came from the craziness of getting ready. Of course, it’s much easier to laugh in hindsight.”


When life gets hectic, we want parents out there to count on the comfort of Born to provide at least some cozy relief.


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