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In Defense of Heeled Booties

In Defense of Heeled Booties

We pride ourselves on crafting heels so comfortable, they don’t feel like heels.


Nothing is better than falling in love with a shoe, trying it on, and discovering it’s also comfortable. But we know a lot of people can be hesitant to even try heels on. We get it. We, too, have been wronged by a pair of heels we that afforded us just as many compliments as blisters. We, too, have written this off as the price to pay for wanting to look good.


But those days are behind us! This fall, like all seasons, we’re saying yes to good looking heels, and no to pain.


Let’s talk our MICHIE bootie, starting with its chunky leawood-wrapped heel. Because it’s not too skinny, this heel is ideal for day-to-night wear. It stands at 2 3/4 inches, which for most people, is the sweet spot as far as walkable heights go. Thanks to this heel, this boot instantly adds oomph to your favorite jeans.


For style inspiration, check out Kendall of Styled Snapshots and Becky of Cella Jane who recently wore our MICHIE.

k ss michie 23

Photo by Grant Friedman via styledsnapshots.com.


Above, Kendall wears MICHIE with ripped jeans, a sweater, and a statement scarf. It’s the perfect fall daytime outfit. Not too dressy, but put-together, and stylish. She writes about stepping out of her NYC apartment with Matt, her husband, with no idea where the day will take them. After a shopping trip, a Central Park stroll, and drinks with her friends, she was delighted to find her feet were still comfortable.


cj michie 22

Images credit CellaJane.com.


Becky of Cella Jane, writes, “You know how booties usually hurt your heel by the end of the day? I can wear these day after day without that problem (and have been).” We love that! If a heel isn’t going to be comfortable, we’re simply not going to make it.


Both women agree on the versatility of taupe. If you’re unsure whether to get brown or black booties, or if you’re plain old sick of choosing between the two colors, go for taupe. Wear it with blue jeans, black leggings, and everything in between.


Shop MICHIE here.