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A Lesson in Confidence with Kelle Hampton

A Lesson in Confidence with Kelle Hampton

Ladies, Kelle Hampton just boosted our confidence with a single blog post.


Kelle reminds us of easy ways to boost our confidence, and we’re sure there are some women out there like us who absolutely need this important reminder. Sometimes, day to day life throws a string of challenges our way, so much so that it feels like the universe is out to get us. Whether it’s health problems, money issues, or even something as simple as a spilled container of fresh fruit we were really excited to eat. Her recent post, 7 Ways to Feel More Confident, reminds us of little things we can do to boost our vibe.


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Kelle offers tiny tweaks we can make throughout our day in order to feel stronger, from standing up straighter to putting our phone down, even if just for a few minutes. At the root of her tips is being more mindful, and building yourself up instead of tearing yourself down. Read them all for yourself on , and keep them in mind next time you have to go to work on a rainy day, have to make a big decision, or are facing a particularly trying situation.



As comfort shoe-people, we’re all about this philosophy. We know for a fact that wearing a comfortable pair of shoes yields a completely different day than one spent wearing an uncomfortable pair. To be comfortable is to be confident. It might seem silly, but we truly believe you can derive strength from the right pair of shoes. A foot full of blisters knocks us off our feet, literally. We simply have too much to do in a single day to worry about uncomfortable feet. Here at Born, we like to think that uncomfortable shoes will soon be a thing of the past.


In her recent article, Kelle also wears three pairs of Born shoes: the CASCO, AIRE, and CRICKET (in the order they appear in this post).

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Kelle styles each boot in a way that shows off their comfort and versatility. The right pair of shoes can lift us up and make us feel good. But living a more confident life starts within, and doesn’t take much. In the post, Kelle writes, “Kindness always re-calibrates my confidence.” Her kindness also re-calibrates ours.




See the full post here.