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The Burgundy Bootie

The Burgundy Bootie

Some colors are transformative; indicative of a certain season. Burgundy is one of them.


There’s no quicker way to update your summer wardrobe to one of autumn than by wearing burgundy. Kat Barnes, of Carrie Bradshaw Lied, stylishly proves this.



photos by Christian Barnes

In a recent post, she wears our dreamy Meggs bootie. Meggs was crafted for this exact time of year. Its stretchy, perforated fabric is breathable, making it perfect for cold mornings that become hot days. In the coming months, wear it with tights for a sleek silhouette.


Kat pairs her Meggs bootie in burgundy with cropped jeans ripped at the hems, a white t-shirt and a plaid blazer. To doubly ensure her burgundy stood out, she also wore a burgundy floppy hat. These accessories instantly transformed her outfit. Kat describes the booties as being “tennis shoe-level comfortable.”


Burgundy is for everyone, but heels aren’t. Even though the Meggs is supremely comfortable, we know some of you just prefer a timeless pair of flats. Check out our best-selling Malena loafer in amarone suede.


Don’t let the rich color discourage you from making the leap into burgundy shoes. You can wear these with any wash of denim,

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