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Introducing Fall 2018

Introducing Fall 2018

Quick story. Over the past few weeks, fall styles have been slowly hitting our site. Our best-selling MALENA loafer is now available in beautiful fall leathers (herb suede is our favorite), and so on. We’ve kept quiet about it, because after all, it’s July! People are still on vacation! We get it. Long live the summer sun.

But the other morning, we stepped outside and felt cool air on our face. The day would quickly heat up and humidity would creep in, but in that moment, that fresh burst of air carried hints of a September morning. And that’s when it hit us. When it comes to getting excited for fall, it’s never too early.

Allow us to introduce Fall 2018 collection.


We designed this collection with one purpose in mind: to make your everyday life as comfortable as possible. Everyone knows fall is the season of cozy things: warm drinks, fuzzy blankets, crackling fires, and soft flannels. But it’s time to remind everyone that fall is also the season of Born.


Our belief is that if a person feels good, then they’re confident, and inspired enough to get things done. Comfortable shoes make us feel like we can do anything. Think about it: how many things are ruined by a pair of bad shoes? To wear a pair of uncomfortable, poorly made shoes would be a disservice to yourself and the season. You deserve to feel good.


That’s why we make a wide range of comfy shoes for both men and women. There’s something here for everyone, from your daughter to grandmother, from your first grade teacher to the guy who bar-tends at your favorite tavern around the corner. Our diverse range of fall boots and shoes speak to all men and women, no matter their lifestyle, hobbies, or wardrobe. We promise.



Shop the full collection here.

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