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Now Open: Back to School Shop

Now Open: Back to School Shop

Teachers, students, and anyone who enjoys a pair of comfortable shoes, this is for you.


It’s August. The school year is about to commence. This means long days ahead, days that a pair of shoes can either make or break. If your feet are uncomfortable, you’re not going to have a good time in front of that chalkboard. it’s a fact. Uncomfortable shoes are distracting, upsetting, and can even leave a few bruises. However, if your feet are surrounded in the cushion-y comfort of a pair of Born shoes, you’re going to do so well, they’ll nominate you for teacher of the year.


Okay, maybe not. But maybe starting your days in a good pair of shoes is a step in the right direction.


To all the teachers out there, this fall, we’re here for you. Our Back to School Shop is filled with everyday casuals; five best-selling styles that have proven themselves in seasons past. Whatever your classroom outfit style, you’ll find a pair of shoes here to make your feet happy.


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