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Summer Sale

Summer Sale

Greetings from summertime in New England. Ahead of us is a span of 80-degree weeks, plenty of sunshine, and the occasional thunderstorm, which provides a much-needed break from the humidity. Fireflies come out at night; seasonal ice cream and lobster shacks finally open their flimsy screen doors. This is the month of The Vacation.


But it’s also the month of the Sale Sandal. Plenty of sandals were just added to sale, and they’re bound to go quickly. Beyond being comfortable, these styles are defined by their natural details, a hallmark of Born footwear. Because the natural world inspires so many of our designs, you could say that incorporating natural fabrics in our spring shoes is an organic process.


Here are a few of our favorite details about each shoe:

padron blue suede sss

PADRON is available in two nature-inspired combinations. The first mixes a blue suede upper, the color of the ocean, with a fresh cork-wrapped wedge. The second mixes a rich brown leather upper with a jute-wrapped wedge that lends a freshness to the sandal.

coney sss

It’s true CONEY is an ideal everyday shoe, thanks to its versatile silhouette. But the best part about this platform wedge is the bottom. This lightweight bottom has a wood-grain look to it. It calls to mind old-world shoes, whose bottoms used to be made entirely from wood. As an added plus, it’s surprisingly lightweight. (Though not that surprising, if you’re used to our constructions!)

welch sss

The WELCH combines two of our favorite natural fabrics; jute and burlap. This special burlap footbed is as padded as our cushioned leather footbeds you’re used to.

madira sss

DOMINICA and MADIRA (pictured above) have many unmistakable marks of handmade shoes: accent stitching, a cushioned insole, and a special outsole that blends lightweight rubber and cork. Look closely at a pair of either of these shoes when you take them out of the box. The way you’re holding it is exactly how our shoemakers inspected it before packing it up for you.


We have an amazing selection of sale shoes right now. Shop these and more in our sale shop.