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What’s New This Month

What’s New This Month

Every season, it’s our job to craft an abundance of styles for everyone out there who loves comfortable shoes. Each and every one of you leads a unique lifestyle, and we hope you find something that feels tailor-made for you in our vast collection of shoes.


A ton of sandals just dropped on the site. We know that no matter what your job is, what your weekends look like, and wherever you plan on going this summer, we have something in our new arrivals that you’ll love. Allow us to introduce you to our faves.





Why is it so hard to find an everyday sandal that’s comfortable and not going to kill your feet? Because you’re not looking at Born. We believe in these three styles, crafted for everyday life.


First is BERNTan essential slide-on wedge, the kind you wear with just about everything. Keep it by the front door so you can slip in and go on your way.




HANZ, pictured above, is made with elastic straps that are airy and supportive. We love the feeling of walking in these shoes; it feels like walking on a cloud.


Fun fact: FROYA is coming with you on vacation. It goes with everything, it’s comfortable, and it’s made from high-quality leather. Just keep it off the beach!




Your summer wardrobe isn’t complete without a beautiful metallic sandal. Nothing says sunkissed our beautiful tiramisu leather, a soft, sunny gold with just enough crinkle.



Two sandals feature this supple leather: Brucite, pictured above, and Garren. Both are just begging to be worn with your best vacation looks.




All shoes in our collection are lightweight and comfortable, thanks to our Opanka hand-stitching process. But there are some more lightweight than others, and that’s thanks to a special outsole.


The TANSEY slip-on wedge has that lightness, along with fresh colors for the season like fuxia pink and sky blue. It was crafted for women who like to have some fun with their footwear, while also feeling comfort in every step.






If you’re looking for a transitional shoe, check out Ingah, a slip-on style that stays on the foot and feels like a slipper. If you’re dying to show off your pedicure now, then revisit Ingah towards the end of the season. But don’t wait too long. This beautiful flat is already going  fast.


As long as you love comfort, you’ll find something to wear here. Shop the rest of the collection at bornshoes.com.