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Introducing Spring 2018

Introducing Spring 2018

Golden morning sun lifts fog from freshly greened grass. Birds call out from new hiding places in the budding trees. Blooming magnolia trees drop pink and white petals to the ground, petals that you carefully step over in your new favorite shoes. Spring is here. And so is the Born Spring 2018 collection.

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We want you to get out there and take comfort in the joys of springtime. Our collection offers everyday favorites that were crafted specifically for your daily lifestyle. With our leathers, we set out to harness the beauty and freshness of the season. Our leather color palette is defined by shades of white, stone, grey, blush and a range of tans and browns. These shades are balanced out by deep nautical-inspired tones, like rich navy blues and hues of reds. All of our leathers are high-quality, selected for their beauty and durability.


As always, every single pair offers an artistic detail that catches the eye. Turn over any shoe from our spring collection in your hands and study the craftsmanship. On each outsole is a unique pattern, sometimes in the shape of a flower, or inspired by seasonal fauna, designed specifically for that shoe.


Highlights from this collection include stretchy knit fabric, used to craft sneakers so lightweight and breathable you’ll forget you’re even wearing shoes.

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Springtime is when we come out of hibernation and plan endless ways to take advantage of longer days. Some of those days are exactly that – long, sometimes packed with fun activities, but other times filled with life’s rigorous demands. Whatever your plans this season, we want you to feel comfortable from morning until night. This collection offers a range of versatile shoes built to be your everyday go-to’s. We promise that you will find something from our spring offerings to accommodate you throughout the entire season.


Kick back, relax, and take comfort in the joys of springtime. Shop our Spring 2018 Collection here.