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Celebrate Fall Fashion with Kelle Hampton

Celebrate Fall Fashion with Kelle Hampton

Kelle Hampton lives in Florida, but her love for autumn rivals that of a true New England-native. With her enthusiasm for apple cider and boots, Kelle keeps the autumn torch ablaze in the southeastern corner of our country.

Not one to be deterred by palm trees and humidity, Kelle does her best to get into the fall spirit. To channel the coziest season of the year, she recently styled two of our boots: the CASCO in black leather and the BLANE in dark brown.


Our CASCO is our favorite city boot. Looking cool as ever, Kelle wears the CASCO boot with black skinny jeans and a floral blouse. She looks like a rock star in this perfect night-out look. This boot is available in four leathers. If your closet is full of endless black leggings and jeans, we suggest taking a cue from Kelle and opting for black.


She also wears BLANE,our standout peeptoe bootie. Kelle points out how perfect these peep-toe boots are for southern women who love fall fashion, but live in year-round summer heat. We dedicate this bootie to her, and to all of you unaffected by cold winter winds. Show your pedicures with pride.

Beyond having incredible style, Kelle also has a wonderful perspective. We love her take on everything from fashion to motherhood. She has such a way with words. Even though she’s in Florida, Kelle understands that autumn is the season of comfort. As far as how she’ll take comfort this fall, she says:

“I take comfort in the sensory explosion–the scent of cinnamon and apple in the kitchen, the crackling of our first fire when that long awaited cold front finally makes its way, the box of leaves from Michigan that will arrive in a few weeks and make me cry with the good kind of homesickness. I take comfort in grounding routines and schedules that sometimes overwhelm me but remind me that the best things in life come with effort and discipline and, yes, sometimes tears. I take comfort in the adjustments that follow the tears–saying no when my cup’s too full, saying yes to self preservation. I take comfort in silly things that might not matter in the grand scheme of things but matter to me when I want to feel good–things like the perfect fall print in a skirt that swishes or chic boots that make me feel so put together, I even remember not to slouch.”

Amen, Kelle. When we need a little reminder of what’s important this fall, we’ll turn to her. When Kelle celebrates fall fashion, she’s really celebrating life.

Take a page out of Kelle’s book, and bring comfort with you this fall wherever you go. Shop her picks here.