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Fall 2017 Style Ambassador: Ali Fedotowsky-Manno

Fall 2017 Style Ambassador: Ali Fedotowsky-Manno

Above, Ali wears BARREN boot in tobacco distressed.

Meet Ali Fedotowsky-Manno, our Fall 2017 Style Ambassador.

Ali is the former star of the hit ABC series The Bachelorette, a new mom and lifestyle blogger. It’s safe to say she lives a busy life. Without sacrificing style, she dresses comfortably and always looks put-together. Look no further than Ali for style inspiration for this season.

This fall, we are all about taking comfort with us everywhere we go. To the playground, to work, to the store, to date night. As our style and comfort ambassador this season, Ali styled three boots from our Fall 2017 collection: BARREN, EASTON, and GALLINARA.

With BARREN, a knee-high boot crafted from distressed suede leather, she wears knee high socks, leggings, and a sweater. Basically, a quintessential cozy fall look. She’s ready for a night out in EASTON, pairing the black leather ankle bootie with black leggings and a cool black leather jacket. Finally, she chases after her daughter in the stunning over-the-knee GALLINARA.

We chatted with Ali about style, motherhood, and what happens when those two collide. Ali happily talks about how she plans to take Born comfort with her everywhere this fall.

Born: We’d love to know how your New England roots influence you when putting looks together. 

AF: I’ve lived in California for over 10 years now so I definitely think my style is more West Coast. That said, I was born and raised on the East Coast, and growing up I could never get enough of great fall boots! I remember being so excited for the seasons to change from summer to fall so I could go boot shopping and whip out all my favorite plaid scarves and leggings. Since it doesn’t get that cold in California, I tend to wear my boots with dresses, which makes them more appropriate for the warmer weather in early fall. The weather doesn’t start getting cooler here until about late November or December. But there’s no way I’m going to wait that long to wear all my fave Born boots!

Tell us how motherhood has changed your personal style philosophy, especially now that she’s constantly on the move.

Now that I’m a mom, my every day clothes have changed.. For instance, when I go out, I wear a lot more rompers and jumpsuits than I used to, since I have to bend over all the time to pick up my little girl (and dresses don’t always work for that). That said, I try not to let the fact that I’m now a mom affect my style too much, especially now that I’m done nursing. I still want to wear my cute dresses when I’m inspired to! But I’m certainly more drawn to flats, boots, and blocked heels since they are a lot more comfortable when running around with a little one.

ali 3

Above, Ali wears EASTON boot in black.

Tell us one thing your time on the show has taught you about life and love, and how it’s led you to create a community through AliLuvs.com.

I think my time on the show really taught me to trust my gut and just be myself, especially in love and life. On the show, I think I was attracted to some guys who I thought were good on paper but not necessarily right for me – which was a feeling I had in the pit of my stomach that I didn’t trust when I should have. And that has translated into how I run AliLuvs.com. I try not to think too much about what I decide to post each day. If something is exciting to me or bothering me or if I just need to something off my chest, I try not to think too much about it and I just let it all out! I go with my gut and put it all out there! If you read my blog, you might have noticed that it’s very conversational and relaxed. That’s because I write all of it using talk to text so it’s really just me putting my feelings into words and talking to all of my followers.

ali 2

As a busy Mom and mogul, each week, or even day, may bring you on a new adventure. Luckily, your Børn shoes should have you covered for whatever is thrown your way. Tell us where you plan to #TakeComfort with Børn this fall!

Well first, Born shoes are ridiculously comfortable! So I quite literally #TakeComfort in that. But what I love most about them is that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. They’re all super cute and right on trend. For instance, I love it my over-the-knee flat boots for when I’m out and about with Molly because they’re stylish, great to have to transition from summer to fall, and are super comfortable so I can easily chase Molly around while wearing them. All in all, I’m extending my summer wardrobe with them, therefore saving money, getting a stylish boot for fall/winter, and can still be a great mom to my daughter by keeping up with her. I will certainly #TakeComfort in that!

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