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Now Trending: TEGAL

Now Trending: TEGAL

The TEGAL sandal is a comfortable way to inject fun into your outfit.

Just ask Kelle Hampton and Kylee Mortensen of How Does She. Like most of our shoes, the comfort is unmatched. Whether you’re on vacation or chasing around kids, you can trust a pair of Børn. But the TEGAL is also loads of fun to wear.

khampton tegal 1

Above: Kelle Hampton wears TEGAL

Kelle Hampton recalls when her husband (then, boyfriend) showed up to a date wearing Jesus sandals. She recalled how shocked she was to see the shoes, and goes on to say their busy but full life now makes those Jesus sandals gaffe look amateur. Now, the two enjoy raising a family and all that entails. Of that hectic nature of parenthood, Kelle is happy Børn is there for her. Of the shoes, she writes, “they’ll at least keep your feet comfortable while you’re in the trenches.”

Kylee treated our TEGAL to a trip to Hawaii – not a bad spot to break in your new pair of Børn. She calls the TEGAL the best travel sandals because they can just as easily be worn to the beach as they can for a stroll around town. About the style, she says, “This sexy sandal immediately draws attention to your feet and that gorgeous pedicure. They are the one shoe that can take you directly from the beach into the souvenir shops.”

howdoesshe tegal

Above: How Does She wears TEGAL

TEGAL is worn by both ladies in pompei distressed; a punchy shade of red suede. The leather is carefully crafted with a chevron pattern. A strap goes over the toes and a velcro strap easily wraps around the ankle.

It’s versatile silhouette is one thing; but the leathers it comes in are another story. Choose from bright pink (cindy suede), red (pompei distressed), and turquoise (pool suede). Life is short and summer is even shorter. Go for the bold colors.