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Behind the Scenes: Spring 2017

Behind the Scenes: Spring 2017

Every season, our design process begins with a sheet of white paper, a ruler, and a pencil.

A shoe is sketched. It’s sketched again. The heel might get raised a few millimeters, or inches. The silhouette is erased, reshaped, and erased again until it’s just the right shape. A shoe drawing is scrutinized with a discerning eye because it’s that exact drawing that becomes a shoe.

From design to delivery, we infuse artistic touches every step of the way. We consider where to inject detail. We sketch the shape of a flower to go on the sole. We consider what color the stitching should be, and how it should contrast with the shoe’s leather. We add a buckle, adorn a strap with jewels, or wrap jute around an espadrille for a nautical, summertime look. And so on.

behind the scenes sketches

After the sketch, we look at leathers. All of our leathers are full-grain, which is a minimally processed leather. Full-grain leather is more durable than leather that has been sanded or treated to hide any imperfections. We love its durability and breathability, so we use it as often as we can.

This spring and summer collection uses full-grain leathers and soft suedes. Some of our sandals use leather and elastic straps in a way that allows for a comfortable stride. Slide into leather and elastic of TIDORE, a comfortable, casual sandal crafted for daylong wear. For a sandal with comfortable lift, see CAPE TOWN.

Every Børn collection you’ll find a deep selection of neutral leathers. Black, like the pavement after a summer thunderstorm passes through; stone, like the washed grey of a seaside house; white, the color you wear when you want to stay cool, and endless rich browns and taupes define our neutral palette. MAKATI is a refined, minimalist sandal with a comfortable heel available in three neutrals. SILAY is a wedge sandal with a comfortable platform, also available in three neutral shades.

What’s a summer collection without a little color? From pastels to brights, color is everywhere you look, much like when you step outdoors on a summer day.  There’s bold pink, soft blue called “cloud distressed,” cherry red mixed with floral fabric, and just about every shade of blue.

Metallics are a must-have in every spring and summer collection. We offer a minimalist sandal, ARICA, with a simple gold ankle strap. For a little more glitz, see ACAPILCO, a beautiful flat sandal crafted with an eye-catching assortment of colorful beads.

desk bts

There is a leather in our collection for every style and every wardrobe. See them all at