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Shoes For A Cause:  Supporting Ruby’s Rainbow

Shoes For A Cause: Supporting Ruby’s Rainbow

This month, we’ve partnered with blogger Kelle Hampton to raise funds for Ruby’s Rainbow, a non-profit dedicated to providing college scholarships for those with Down syndrome.  It’s no secret that we at Børn adore Kelle’s style and candid approach to blogging about motherhood and life as a modern woman.  Kelle’s ascent into blogosphere stardom began when she shared the story of the her daughter’s birth.  Nella was born with Down syndrome; the condition was undetected prior to delivery.  Needless to say, Kelle and her family were at first struck with grief over the child they imagined. A renewed hope settled in upon connecting with families just like them. They were filled with profound love for their precious baby girl.

Individuals with Down syndrome leap past perceived limitations and shatter boundaries each day.  They deserve acceptance and encouragement. That’s why the Ruby’s Rainbow 3-21 Pledge is so special.  Higher education changes lives, especially for those that were historically cast aside from mainstream society.

Tomorrow, March 21st, is World Down Syndrome Day (3/21 represents the third copy of the 21st chromosome). Join us in taking the pledge!  Even if you can’t donate, take the pledge to accept people of all abilities and embrace kindness.  As an added bonus, if you decide to donate, you can enter Kelle’s give-away for a chance to win a spring shoe wardrobe from Børn.

Enter here.

Kelle Hampton wears the Havana in pink.