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Five Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Five Last-Minute Gift Ideas

We know what you’re thinking: Already with the gift ideas?

Yes, we know. It seems like just last week you sank into the living room couch, with the lights dimmed, as three plates of Thanksgiving dinner digested in your stomach. Right? Well, that was almost a month ago. The holidays are just around the corner. Whether you’re celebrating with family or friends, something low-key or an all-out bash, the fact remains; you’ll be buying a few gifts.

There’s mom, dad, the husband or the wife, kids, friends…the list goes on. With the madness that takes hold of retail stores starting on Black Friday, we’ve decided to shop Etsy for a unique change of pace.

Etsy is filled with homemade, handmade items that have a certain charm and one-of-a-kind feel to them. From air plants, to cozy scarves, we’ve sorted through endless shops to find what speaks most to the Børn heart.

For the Botanist 
Air plant.

An air plant attached to a charming amethyst crystal. Beautiful, simple, and stunning. Air plants make a great gift because they need little care; keep themon a dresser, a window ledge, or anywhere that needs a little life and color.

Shop from Falcon and Finch on Etsy.

For the Couch Potato

Blanket Scarf

Anyone who doesn’t want a blanket scarf this time of year is fooling themselves. This one is handmade with soft cotton flannel and mimics the cozy feel of laying under a blanket besides a crackling fire. Wear it with your favorite Børn boots.

Shop from Kate Rose Co. on Etsy.

For the Coffee and Tea Lover


And hot chocolate lover, of course. Give the gift of handmade pottery. This mug is finished with a beautiful carving of pine tree; very of-the-season. If there’s ever been a mug to inspire a cup of hot cocoa, it’s this one.

Shop from KJ Pottery on Etsy.

For the Reader

New Paperback scented soy candle

Your friend’s bookshelf is filled with enough Dostoevsky, Joyce, Dickens and Bronte. This book lover has all the books, but what she doesn’t have is a candle that smells like a book. Look no further.

Shop from Frostbeard on Etsy.

For the Host

Painted wine glass

As in, party host, not Westworld host. These beautifully painted wine glasses are perfect for cozy winter get-togethers. Maybe you can even break them out for dinner.

Shop from Mary Elizabeth Arts on Etsy.

For the Shoe Lover


A pair of Børn, of course. CROSS is our best-selling bootie, available in eight leathers, and runs true to size. There’s no way to go wrong picking out a pair for a loved one.

Shop at BornShoes.com.

Get your orders in ASAP – the last chance to place your order to ensure arrives in time is approaching for most shops. Each store is different, make sure to read the fine print before placing your order.

Happy Holidays!

– The Børn Team