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Our Best Transitional Boots

Our Best Transitional Boots

Two of our best transitional boots were featured last week on Phoenix Morning Show “Your Life A to Z.”

Cris Pearlstein, fashion editor and style expert, talked about how POLY and TRINCULO are great boots for transitional dressing. She focused on how to blend a summer wardrobe into a fall wardrobe.

Once the cool weather sets in, it can be tricky to decide which summer pieces to pack up until next year. Some blouses and even tank tops will work beneath a fall blazer, while other pieces, like white dresses, are not so ambiguous.

Or are they?

The first model wore POLY in black distressed suede with dark denim and a vibrant purple top pulled from a summer wardrobe. Over the bright blouse she pulled on a cozy moto jacket, which in combination with her rustic boots, brought fall in full swing to her look. POLY was a comfortable and natural addition to this outfit.

The last model wore black distressed TRINCULO booties with a white dress. To add some autumn to the look, Pearlstein paired it with a denim jacket and cozy scarf. This look proves that TRINCULO is just as good with a sundress as it is with your favorite fall denim. When spring comes around again, you’ll have a pair of booties to wear with your feminine sundresses.


Watch how to transition summer outfits to and fall looks with Born: