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TREND ALERT: Mixed Materials

TREND ALERT: Mixed Materials

Crafting comfortable footwear is our priority, but we also design interesting footwear.

Interesting to us means seizing on any opportunity to create a shoe that stands out from the rest. In this case, “interesting” means using mixed materials for surprising look.


A mix of textures is pleasing to the the eye and to the touch. In the OSWEGO boot, the leather surrounding the foot is smooth, supple and buttery. The rest of the boot is comprised of durable felt, providing a fashionable contrast to the lustrous leather, and warmth for the legs as the winter winds pick up.

A shorter silhouette with an alluring mixed-material combination is KORE. This mid-calf boot is available in black distressed suede, with a wraparound of grey felt combo, and also in polo brown distressed suede, with a wraparound cafe colored felt combo.

See below for a standout knee-high style. HILLMAN employs an expert mix of wool and leather. Wool is thick and naturally wind resistant. The warmth from the brown cognac leather feels so rich layered over the olive green wool. It’s a standout combination crafted with beautiful, standout materials.



Felt and wool aren’t the only two other materials we’ve incorporated with our leathers. Fabric makes an appearance, as seen below on the PANAREA boot. We sourced this fabric from serapes crafted by the Mixteco-Zapotecas tribe in southern Mexico. The serape’s wonderful patterns are eye-catching, and we couldn’t resist the fact that each serape passed through the hands of a skilled craftsman dedicated to his designs.


It’s a pleasure designing shoes with such an interesting mix of materials. Head to and shop your favorite today.