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A Love Letter to Fall

A Love Letter to Fall

Fall in Florida can be a nostalgic time for a Michigan-transplant like Kelle Hampton. Right now, up north, the leaves are floating towards the ground in a swirl of yellow, orange and red. But down south, the Florida sun shines as strong as ever, granting beach days well into November.

With her contagious love for life, Kelle Hampton brings fall and all of its pleasures to Florida. In a post called “Finding Our Fall,” Kelle turns the absence of her favorite season into a homage to her favorite season. Even if it’s warm out, she’ll wear her fall boots. Who cares if it’s the 85 degrees? Not Kelle.


To prove that boots do in fact have a place in a Floridian’s wardrobe, Kelle wears the CROSS ankle bootie with a patterned dress.

Living in Florida while the north rejoices in fall can be tough. But as always, Kelle deals with it and says it best, “And those things we miss that we cannot find in our little worlds? We create. I wear tights and make soup and light candles and spread apple butter on wheat toast in the morning. We dim lights and watch football and send “Dinner at our house this Saturday night” texts out to friends. We slap sticky witch and bat and ghost window gels on our front door. Buy cinnamon brooms and gourds, move the light sweaters from the back of the closet to the front, wear all the boots. With shorts and dresses and jeans…boots for days.”

Boots for days it will be. Kelle picked her favorites from our Fall 2016 collection, and the crop of standout styles not only consists of boots. Take JOLENE, a lace-up oxford with a thick heel. Of the shoe, Kelle gushes, “Meet Jolene in a couldn’t-get-much-autumner hue called Tobacco Distressed. You don’t even know how many loaves of pumpkin bread I’m going to make while wearing these.”


For her fall-in-Florida wardrobe, Kelle also picked our PANAREA boot; a boot crafted with an artful mix of leather and wool. The wool was cut from a serape stitched by the Mixteca-Zapotecas tribe in the Oaxaca State, in the southern region of Mexico.

Kelle does the Mixteca-Zapotecas tribe justice in celebrating a beautiful boot with a comfortable, casual and cool outfit. No matter where you are on the map, sometimes fall calls for nothing more than leggings, a cozy knit top, and a pair of beautiful boots.


“Long live Tobacco Distressed,” Hampton closes her article, “And cider mills. And corn fields. Okay, one more–wool beanies. Alright, alright, I’m done.”

Never be done, Kelle. Never be done.

Shop Kelle Hampton’s picks from our Fall 2016 collection here.