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TREND ALERT: Distressed Leather

TREND ALERT: Distressed Leather

Our distressed Fall 2016 leathers are earthy and vintage, evocative of a mossy color palette.

But what makes our fall leathers the most recognizable is their unique patina. Look at the shoe in careful light, and you’ll notice the leather around the toebox and heel is darker, and that there are beautiful tonal highlights throughout the leather. The leather on these styles is dimensional, unique and eye-catching. That’s no accident. That’s our hand-finishing technique at work to give your boots a one-of-a-kind look.

Our distressed leathers present an infinitely interesting coloration to look at in every lighting, whether by moonlight or afternoon sun on the pumpkin patch. Wear them to transform any outfit.


Troye in prugna distressed, Kerri in tobacco distressed, Adler in marmotta distressed

To name a few colors, our distressed leathers in black, tobacco, marmotta (dark brown), amarena (a beautiful, berry-toned red) or shark (an inky navy blue). We reach into all ends of a fall, earthy color palette.

A few of our standout shoes stitched with these supple yet distressed leathers include the AZURITE, IVORY, KATHLEEN and KERRI.


AZURITE is a beautiful knee-high boot with an interesting tie-up detail running up the back. Lovers of worn-in leather, rejoice with this boot: it’s crafted in black distressed and tobacco distressed.


For a mid-calf boot in this special leather, check out IVORY. This bootie, finished with a vertical side-zip for an interesting but everyday look, is available in tobacco distressed.

KATHLEEN is a standout over-the-knee style. Even moreso because of its beautiful leather. Find it in marmotta distressed, a rugged yet refined dark brown that’s sure to turn heads. See it on


KERRI is an ankle bootie with an interesting side cutout. It’s available in three standout distressed leathers; amarena distressed, which adds color and vibrancy to a fall closet, shark distressed, a cool-toned leather with an even cooler silhouette, and the classic tobacco distressed, a brown leather suited for every day, every outfit.

Head to and shop our beautiful distressed leathers.