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STAFF PICKS: Men’s Penny Loafer

STAFF PICKS: Men’s Penny Loafer

Meet DAVE, our standout penny loafer inspired by the the timeless, iconic Italian silhouette.

jd image

If DAVE were a guy, and we were getting married, we would name him our best man. Our reasoning is simple: DAVE has our back. This shoe is going to be worn again and again for seasons to come. Its silhouette is timeless and refined; two qualities that will never go out of style. Every time you need to button up in a suit, or step into a pair of fresh pressed slacks, he’s your go-to shoe.

It’s obvious to everyone that DAVE is good-looking. But we decided to put the comfort factor to the test. John, from our PR team, wore DAVE for a day. John is a commuter; he walks to and from the train station, and sets out on foot to grab lunch. His day consists of meetings on multiple floors of the building. Could he withstand the day in classic, comfortable shoes that deliver day-long cushioning?

JD in dave 2

Yes, they can. From the time he slipped into their soft leather lining that morning until the time he took his first post-five o’clock step outside, these penny loafers were nothing but comfortable. The loafers were so comfortable that John plans to wear them beyond the office. Of the shoes, he says, “These loafers are great for the office. The leather was soft and there wasn’t a break-in period. I can see myself wearing them with chinos and blazer to a wedding I have coming up.”

Sophisticated styling and high quality leather makes this a standout dress shoe. It was inspired by the classic penny loafer so true to Italy’s footwear heritage.

JD in dave 3

Find this loafer in three high-quality leathers; pietra distressed, earth distressed, and black. Shop it for $110 at