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Take the Mom Pledge This Fall

Take the Mom Pledge This Fall

Pledge to do more for you this fall, just like Ilana of Mommy Shorts.

Ilana pledged to make style as much a priority as being comfortable, and to up her fashion game this fall.  The team at Børn was more than game to make this happen.  We pride ourselves on providing comfortable footwear that are also stylish and perfectly on trend.

“I might not be the mom in yoga pants and sneakers with a ponytail,” Ilana writes, “but I am definitely veering dangerously close into “mom clothes” territory. I don’t know if it’s my body changing or my reliance on my navy pair of capris, but I am feeling a bit matronly lately.”

It’s easy for personal expression to become lost to the chaos of daily life. Ilana’s pledge prevents this from happening. She will take time for herself this fall and treat herself when she can. When you look good, you feel good, and we want our moms who work so hard to feel their best.  So, slip into a comfortable pair of Børn shoes — Ilana agrees, and that’s why she picked eight of her favorite shoes from our Fall 2016 collection. Shop her curated picks here.

Ilana Wiles of Mommy Shorts rocks the Cross boot.“Obviously, I am not going to eschew comfort entirely. I just have to believe that just like Born Shoes are comfortable, attractive and fashion forward, there has to be clothes out there for me that hit all these notes too,” Ilana writes. We think with the right eye, she will find just the right kinds of clothes to complement a good looking, comfy wardrobe.

Is this something of which you’d like to partake? Can you choose comfort and fashion for yourself this fall as well? If so, join Ilana and the other 150+ moms out there pledging to take more time for themselves this fall. Pledge with Ilana here.