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Ginamarie of Myriad Mirage

Ginamarie of Myriad Mirage

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Budding pink and white flowers adorn trees, grass begins to green and grow, and the earth awakens with fervent life. Every season of the year is just as beautiful as spring, in their own way, because ever-changing nature is beautiful. Myriad Mirage jewelry takes that beauty of nature, harnesses it, and makes it wearable. Myriad Mirage‘s aesthetic blends seamlessly with Børn’s own love of nature, and ability to take inspiration from nature for our leather colors and designs.

Myriad Mirage is based in the artsy Nyack, NY. Throughout this spring and summer, you can them at a ton of local arts and craft festivals. Noted Børn lover, Ginamarie Engles, is the spirited designer behind the brand. She quite literally captures nature’s beauty in her handcrafted jewelry. Her enthusiasm for nature is inspiring, genuine and contagious. It’s only natural that she loves Børn shoes.

Myriad Mirage pays homage to nature by encasing interestingly shaped leaves, flower petals, and colorful stones between resin and glass. What sets Myriad Mirage apart from other natural jewelry purveyors is an infinitely interesting inclusion of cicada wings. As someone who feared bugs growing up, Gina came around to embracing the beauty of bugs and nature. All materials used in the jewelry, including cicada wings, are ethically sourced and natural.

With a newly designed website, and plans to re-launch her Etsy shop by the end of the month, it’s easier than ever to check out the many and beautiful nature-inspired, handcrafted jewelry Ginamarie crafts. Before we shopped, we had asked her a few questions about herself and her beautiful jewelry:

MM purple and blue

Left: Pressed Pansy necklace; right, Reversible Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing necklaces.


Q: How did you get started with Myriad Mirage?

Ginamarie: I’ve created art and poetry for friends and family since I was a child. Myriad Mirage took flight when the periodical cicadas emerged in 2013. I spotted my first cicada wing on the ground at the end of my street, and gasped at its beauty. After that, I found out that that species of cicada only come out every 17 years! So the whole spring and summer, there were wings all over! I felt compelled to harvest wings from the ground, one by one, for hours each day. The first true Myriad Mirage piece I created was a cicada wing encased in glass pendant. The wings felt so special to me that I thought I needed to find a way to wear them!

Tell us more about cicada wings.

Oh this is my favorite! Cicada wings are really beautiful: They remind me of fairy wings. Scientists have found spikes on Cicada wings that kill bacterial cells, which is a super neat quality! Cicadas themselves represented rebirth in ancient times, and that resonates with me. Cicada wings inspired me to begin Myriad Mirages journeys and I was surprised that they actually helped my fear of insects! They remind me of a very meaningful time in my life. Also, the wings I harvested are rare & limited until 2030, so they are also quite special to have.

Shop Cicada “Fairy” Wing Earrings at myriadmirage.com.

MM mix 2

Left: Cicada wing necklace; right; Rose petal necklace.

What inspires you every day?

The Earth, nature, people that support my craft, other artists, my cat, life in general! I am grateful everyday to be alive.

What do you do in your free time?

Since it’s my passion, I spend a lot of time creating and thinking about ways to nurture Myriad Mirage.  I love to be outdoors and to adventure, press plants, and I am always learning by reading or watching videos. I love to spend time with close friends or family. I also find myself thinking of ways to make the world a better place, how to help others in need, and for ways to make myself a better person. And if the weather permits, I’ll ride my bicycle!

Tell us about the materials you work with, and where you source them.

Each creation incorporates unique metals, glass, non-toxic resins, plants, insects, bones (ethically sourced), rocks and minerals, and other organic materials. Some materials I harvest or find myself such as plants, herbs or insect wings. I support my local florists, local crystal shop, and I go to gem and mineral shows to pick up quality gems and minerals! Also, I support Etsy and other online sellers for other supplies.

What have been some of your favorite pieces that you’ve made?

My Sage leaves & Rose Quartz trilogy headband/crown from my Fall collection. It is really stunning & healing! Another favorite piece is one that I just sold to a woman in the UK, Double Cicada Wing Fairy Dust Necklace that had moonstone & quartz points. Also, a Gingko Leaf & Labradorite piece, Luna Moth Wing earrings & Raw Opal rings. But most of my favorite pieces have been with the cicada wings I’ve harvested!

MM2 Crystal Rings

What pieces in your collection are you most excited about for spring?

I am most excited about my Eucalyptus leaf, Daisies, & Pink Rose Petals jewelry..along with new Raw Opal & Spirit Quartz jewelry!


MM mix 3

Colorful petals, sparkling wings, and beautifully cut stones are abundant in Myriad Mirage’s spring collection.

To shop Ginamarie’s beautiful, nature-inspired pieces, head to www.myriadmirage.com, find her on Instagram @myriadmirage, and Etsy at etsy.com. See below for a list of local upcoming events.


April 10| Nyack SpringFest Street Fair ~ 10am-5pm

April 16| Earth Day Nyack ~ 12pm-5pm

April 24| Somerville Arts & Crafts Festival ~ 10am-5pm

May| Month-long exhibit at the Nyack Library

May 1| Hoboken Spring Arts & Music Festival ~ 11am-6pm

May 7| Asbury Park Spring Bazaar ~ 12pm-5pm

May 15| Nyack Famous Street Fair ~ 10am-5pm

May 22| Ridgewood Market Sunday Brunch Bazaar ~11am -5pm

Summer 2016

June 10-12| Local Legends Festival on Rickey Farm in Vernon, NJ

July 9| Pagan Street Fair ~ 10am-4pm