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Børn Bløg

See Comfort Differently.

See Comfort Differently.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “comfort”? You may visualize a cozy reading nook in your den, your favorite broken-in hooded sweatshirt or a melty grilled cheese dunked into a big piping hot bowl of tomato soup. With the holiday season now upon us, we find ourselves seeking out familiar comforts to ease away the stresses of December.

At Børn we see comfort differently – in the style expressed by everyday people from all walks of life.  We see how their daily tasks of teaching, standing, walking, touring and exploring can be perfected by completing their look with a hand-crafted pair of Børn. We redefine comfort footwear; eschewing the preconception that it should appear clunky and orthopedic. Instead, you will experience organically inspired designs executed in rich leathers, textures and colors, finished with Old World construction techniques truly unique to Børn.Feat. style: Ochoa Deep GreyTo bring our vision of comfort to life, we’ve sought out independent photographers, videographers and artists to interpret comfort through their art form. First up in this series is Nicholas Mrnarevic. The New Jersey based photographer has a talent for incorporating nature’s elements into the urbane landscape. His work runs the gamut from intimately candid portraits to sweeping views of Palisades nature and awe-inspiring New York City canyons.Lookis BlackMrnarevic shot several of our favorite Fall 2015 styles, featured throughout this post, in various locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn on a crisp autumn day. His inspiration? Love. Love for nature, love for the city and love for one another. This inspiration is particularly evident in this shot of a young couple out for a stroll in Central Park.  What greater comfort is there than sharing life’s experiences with the one you love?Sawyer and KendellAre you a professional photographer or videographer with a passion for footwear? We’d love you to share how you see comfort differently  with us. Submit your resume and/or portfolio website to