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Want to create an unforgettable centerpiece for your next dinner party? Bring the beauty of nature indoors with this organically-beautiful tablescape that you design and create yourself. Using cute succulents, little terra cotta pots and a little imagination, it’s easy to make. Plus you can send guests home with their own tiny plant as a unique momento of your special evening. DIY Fall Tablescape Image 2WHAT YOU’LL NEED:

Several small terra cotta pots in a couple sizes, available at craft stores, home improvement stores or nurseries.

Small succulents from a florist or nursery, look for succulents in a variety pack and split them up.

Patio paint (choose earthy tones) paper plates, and a small foam brush from the craft store.

Moss and greenery from a craft store, nursery, or home store.DIY Fall Tablescape Image 3PUTTING IT TOGETHER:

Squirt a little paint onto a paper plate.

Use the foam brush and lightly paint the pot (they don’t have to be perfect!); set aside and dry completely.

Use a second paper plate to catch the extra soil as you remove the succulents from plastic containers.

Place plants gently into your painted pots and water sparingly.

Tuck the pots into chunks of natural moss down the center of the table. Then add sprays of greenery and a touch of color with dried berries. You can use dried moss or fresh moss and greenery for different looks.DIY Fall Tablescape Image 4