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Magical Marimo Terrarium

Magical Marimo Terrarium

During a recent trip to pick up puppy treats, we noticed a new display. They were strange balls of moss ingloriously housed in plastic cups. It turns out that these unique plants are actually “marimo,” a type of algae that grows into velvety spheres.DIY Marimo Terrarium Image 02Internet legend has it that marimo are the immortalized embodiment of star-crossed lovers, forbidden to be together by tribal rivalry. The lovers’ spirits metamorphosed into marimo, and they lived together happily ever after. A plant that has come to symbolize eternal love and happiness deserves a better home than a plastic cup, don’t you think?

For your terrarium you’ll need a small jar, some sand, and of course a marimo. There are many vendors of marimo online, including Etsy. Here we’ve pulled some of the algae filaments from the marimo we found at our local pet supply store to make a “nano-marimo”.DIY Marimo Terrarium Image 03To assemble your terrarium, fill your container mostly full with tap water. Pour a small amount of sand into the water. You can do it the other way around, but the water will be really cloudy and you’ll have to wait a long time for the dust to settle.

Drop the marimo in. A small piece of coral will make your terrarium more interesting but it’s not necessary. Actually the sand isn’t even necessary, but it adds to the organic aesthetic. Don’t fret about the placement too much, as a happy marimo doesn’t stay put. It will rise to the surface in the right lighting conditions. A sunny windowsill (be careful not to let the water get hot) or room lighting is perfect. Marimo don’t need anything other than water to live. Change out the water every week or so if you feel the need to “take care” of your marimo.

Happy marimo making! You can get really artistic with your marimos. Dress up your window sill by using clear vintage glass containers of various shapes, heights and sizes. It’s a great conversation starter with a romantic back story. This DIY is especially fun for the kids too. Show us your marimo creations on Facebook and Pinterest.DIY Marimo Terrarium Image 04