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Make Your Own Citronella Candles

Make Your Own Citronella Candles

Summer is the season of outdoor celebration in Børn sandals, but it’s also prime time for mosquitos. You don’t need nasty chemicals to fight them, though. We love the natural repellant properties of these wonderful do-it-yourself citronella candles. And they don’t just keep the bugs away, they also add fragrance and an indefinable summer ambience to your outdoor fun. Now don’t you want to make your own?DIY Citronella Candle Image 02WHAT YOU’LL NEED

8 oz. beeswax (try your local beekeeper first!)
citronella essential oil (cedar, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon balm, or peppermint oil can also be used)
wick and wick tab
chopsticks – the kind you get with Asian take-out, still connected at the top
8 oz. jar
container with spout (must be able to sit in a pot of hot water)
skewerDIY Citronella Candle Image 03PUTTING IT TOGETHER

Prepare the wax: Melt the wax in a container that has a pouring spout, set in a pot of barely simmering water. Be extremely careful: melting wax is highly flammable. Keep the wax warm as you prepare the wick. Use one ounce of wax for every ounce your jar will hold, and make sure the jar is 3” in diameter or less.

Prepare the wick: For candles 1”-3” in diameter, you’ll want to use a 2/0 square braided wick (the best type for beeswax candles). Cut a piece 1” longer than your container’s height, then dip the whole length into the melted wax to “prime” it. Wipe off the excess wax, then attach the wick tab to one end. Slip the other end of the wick between the chopsticks. Position the wick in the jar, sliding it between the chopsticks until it is centered and straight.DIY Citronella Candle Image 04Pour the candle: Thoroughly stir 7-10 drops of the citronella oil into the hot wax. Start pouring the wax into the jar, but only enough to cover and secure the wick tab at this stage. Working quickly, use a skewer to adjust the wick’s position in the molten wax. After this layer hardens, pour more wax to fill your container. Let it harden, then trim the wick to about 1/4 inch.DIY Citronella Candle Image 05To light the candle the first time, place a lighted match near the base of the wick. The wick will draw a bit of wax up for a good flame, strong enough to take on that summer breeze. A good-sized candle will burn for many hours, to extinguish, simply close the lid.DIY Citronella Candle Image 06Make sure to use tempered glass or metal containers for your candles, for fire safety. We used a vintage Le Parfait jar (available at Fante’s, a Philadelphia mecca for cooks since 1906) and we’re excited to see which jars you choose. Show us your creations on Instagram and Pinterest. #wewearborn