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Self-Watering Beer Garden for Father’s Day

Self-Watering Beer Garden for Father’s Day

Surprise Dad with something unique, organic and fun for Father’s Day – a self-watering beer garden. This is a gift that keeps on giving all summer. And the cool thing is that it’s based on plants that brewers use to impart flavor to pale ales, pilsners, and other unhopped ales. The whole project is easy and quick, you could put it together the day before Father’s Day if you want. Here’s how to make it:DIY Beer Garden Image 02CHOOSE A CONTAINER AND GROWING MEDIUM

Almost anything can be turned into a self-watering container garden as long as it can hold water. All you have to do is create a reservoir at the bottom, and plant on top of it. We used packing peanuts on the bottom of our container. They’re lightweight and we love repurposing those pesky things. Our container is made of light, sturdy composite material that’s easy to drill into for drainage. Follow these simple steps to complete your garden.DIY Beer Garden Image 03

Containers dry out faster than the ground, so the soil needs to retain moisture without being too wet. You can buy pre-made soilless mixes for containers, or you can make your own. A good soil mix with additives will guarantee a lush, productive container garden.DIY Beer Garden Image 04It’s helpful when designing your garden to think up, down and all around. The black mondo grass is our “thriller” for sure, and we can hardly wait for it to throw spikes of pink flowers. Our “spiller” is alpine strawberry, a variety that produces short runners that will drape over the edge of the container. Lime thyme is a creeping groundcover that will eventually spread to fill the bare areas. You could also include juniper, sage, artemisia and yarrow for your beer garden. Lavender, mint, or rosemary are other good picks.DIY Beer Garden Image 05Whether you’re using one or many plants, the steps are the same. Make sure the plastic tube is clear of debris so water can pass through. If you don’t have a plastic tube and screen, purchase a premade reservoir online. Watering is simple, just wait until the top two inches are dry, then pour water down the tube until it comes out the hole in the side. A mulch of pine cones fills the gaps and helps the soil retain moisture.That’s all there is to it!

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