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Børn Bløg

Rena Detrixhe

Rena Detrixhe

Simply put, we were overwhelmed with awe and wonder upon discovering the work of artist Rena Detrixhe. Unique and stunningly beautiful, her intricately-crafted tablecloth is truly a work of art meant to be revered and contemplated. Her project, along with a remarkable connection to the Børn sensibility, was a story we just had to explore further. Artist Spotlight Rena Detrixhe Image 02ARTIST’S CREATION EVOKES BONDS BETWEEN NATURE AND ART

At first glance, it appears to be a tablecloth made of delicate lace. Yet this a tablecloth like no other, created using some very unlikely materials — thousands upon thousands of seeds. Affixed to sheer textiles, the seeds form intricate patterns that seem to float just above the surface. It is an effect that is both ghostly and thought-provoking.The talented artist behind this stunning creation is Rena Detrixhe, a self-described “hunter and gatherer of materials.” Many of her works begin with elements collected over time, as is the case in her Heirloom tablecloth exhibit, constructed with seeds found in and around her native Lawrence, Kansas.

Artist Spotlight Rena Detrixhe Image 04Rena views nature as fine art, drawing inspiration from natural elements and creating projects that catalyze discussion about the relationship between art and nature. With this particular exhibition, the table and cloth were created to exist as a stage or platform, while inviting observations from environmentalists, ecologists, biologists, artists and art lovers.Artist Spotlight Rena Detrixhe Image 05So what is the Børn connection? Rena tells us that her work is often about her own relationship to the environment as well as the intimacy and intricacy of the hand-crafted objects themselves. These sentiments, along with her passion for finding motivation in earthy elements certainly reflect the Børn aesthetic. It’s no wonder that we are so drawn to her amazing work.Artist Spotlight Rena Detrixhe Image 06To see more of Rena’s inspired creations, we invite you to visit her website at