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Lost Arts:  Kids Go Crazy For Old-School Art

Lost Arts: Kids Go Crazy For Old-School Art

Stu and Nicky Alden are doing their part to keep kids excited about creating art with their hands. They’re the owners of Ink Lounge, a unique Denver-based studio devoted to design and to the old school techniques of hand crafted screen printing. Lost Art Ink Lounge Image 2Ink Lounge isn’t your average, mass-production print shop. It’s more like an art studio. At the heart of their business, are the interactive “inky” (albeit slightly messy) screen printing workshops they hold at their studio and bring to their local communities. Lost Art Ink Lounge Image 3They are passionate about teaching children the rewarding experience of design and creativity, realized through traditional media like screen printing. Stu and Nicky travel to local elementary schools, conducting workshops where students can create and print their own designs by hand. The kids have a blast getting messy with squeegees and ink, plus they have a fun keepsake to take home, often of their own artwork.Lost Art Ink Lounge Image 4After 20 years as designers in the advertising business, Stu and Nicky became less inspired by mixing colors on a computer screen. They wanted to get their hands dirty again, and turns out, others want that too. Because it’s not just the kids who have all the fun getting “inky” with it. Ink Lounge holds “teambuild-ink” workshops for community businesses large and small, and for any other kind of celebration you can think of. In this day of digital everything, the concept of preserving old school art traditions is important to many.Lost Art Ink Lounge Image 5Why do we love Ink Lounge so much? Because Stu and Nicky beam with joy for what they do to keep old school art forms current and relevant. They’ve unplugged their computers and gotten their hands dirty again, and they’ve provided others with inspiration and a path to do the same. How could you not love that? For more information on Denver’s Ink Lounge, visit inklounge.com.