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Ricardo Breceda

Ricardo Breceda

We couldn’t help but discover the amazing art of Ricardo Breceda while in Borrego Springs, California scouting our Desert Awakening campaign. His incredible, larger than life (literally) prehistoric creatures once again cast a shadow on the desert sand throughout the Borrego Valley. His story is one of pure fantasy and self-discovery — all inspired by the love for his daughter, Lianna.


Artist Spotlight Ricardo Breceda Image 02When seven-year-old Lianna asked her father to make her a life-size dinosaur like those in Jurassic Park, Ricardo Breceda couldn’t have dreamed how it would change his life.  Having experienced a devastating construction accident, the Mexico-born Ricardo had persevered and was now operating a thriving boot business in California.  Yet, wanting to please his daughter, he began what would become his artistic awakening.

True, he had been experimenting with scrap metal and a welder he had snatched up in a trade, but with no previous art training, he wasn’t sure how to begin. After a year of cutting, hammering, welding, and numerous scraped knuckles, what emerged from his efforts was a seventeen-foot-tall Tyrannosaurs Rex, much to the delight of Lianna.

Artist Spotlight Ricardo Breceda Image 03Fast forward ten years and Ricardo has turned his “accidental art” into a thriving business. Inspired by nature, history and whimsy, his collection of rusty metal sculptures has grown to include velociraptors, mammoths, elephants, sloths, sabertooth cats, giant tortoises, even a 350-foot-long sea serpent and many more, all of which reside in the Sky Art collection in Borrego Springs. To date Ricardo has installed sculptures in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and throughout the U.S.

So what became of his muse? Lianna has been by his side all along, helping to craft his creatures and helping with installations even as a child. Today, at 20 years old, she is invaluable in every phase of the business and together they are taking on the world one T-Rex at a time.

Artist Spotlight Ricardo Breceda Image 04     Artist Spotlight Ricardo Breceda Image 05

Undoubtedly, Ricardo’s story proves that with perseverance, hidden talent and the inspiration of a little girl’s wish, a passionate man can become a renowned artist. Even by accident.

Watch this inspiring video of Ricardo, and see how he dreams BIG.

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