Børn Bløg

Patrick Dougherty

One man’s sticks are another’s sculpture. Or at least they are for the creative mind of Patrick Dougherty, the sculptor behind fascinating art pieces made out of nothing more than tree saplings.

Over two decades Dougherty has created upwards of two hundred large scale sculptures for public works projects all over the world. What inspired this curious passion? A love for nature and an interest in primitive building techniques led him to experiment with samplings as material. Soon, he began making a living doing his “stick work,” and today, he’s known as one of the world’s leading environmental artists. Undoubtedly, Dougherty’s sculptures both engage and inspire. He sees beauty in the branches and so do we.


For more on Patrick and his amazing natural sculptures, visit www.stickwork.net.

Photos: First image taken by Fin Macrae, second image taken by Adam Rodriguez.