Børn Bløg

Burnished Tides

As we created “Burnished Tides,” we almost felt like we were in the Amazon. The dense landscapes and the intensity of tropical color bursting all around us — we felt like real swashbucklers as we surrounded ourselves in every shade of green and brown you can imagine. With hints of bright tropical color popping up in the most unexpected places.

stylesOur Spring 2014 collections mirror these essential notes — intricate textures, hand-burnished natural color, and more fundamental, organically-inspired designs that naturally wrap your feet like a second skin.

You will adore our new collection of earthy flats, and our updated higher wedge looks are more enchanting than ever. Designs you can walk in for miles, and cherish forever.

We welcome summer with an intense appreciation for artisan, hand-crafted design and detail that truly lets you express your own sense of style, creativity, art and individualism.

Never has our love for Mother Earth been so evident. Welcome to “Burnished Tides,” and immerse yourself into the storied textures, deep color, and incredible comfort and fashion of Børn Spring 2014. Viva la Tropicalia!