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The Børn story is founded on the enduring nature of art and our passion for beautiful, handcrafted comfort. The idea that footwear could be designed with a free-spirited, independent fashion attitude and still embody an amazing comfort experience, marked the beginning of a new era of footwear design.

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It was almost 20 years ago when our customers first discovered the Børn ethos, defined by our signature handcrafted stitch. Using the art of old-world shoemaking, and with leather as our ultimate canvas, Børn soon became lovingly embraced by those seeking to express themselves in pure comfort and beauty.

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Still today, each pair of Børn is designed and hand crafted as a unique work of art. Our passion for seeking out the finest leathers from around the world, and for developing our own hand finishings and detailing, continues to set the standard for artisan comfort footwear. Although many have tried to emulate the look and feel of Børn, there is no other footwear that can duplicate our patented comfort by construction experience, or our visionary shoemaking artistry.

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Børn is more than a culture or an ideal. It is an artist’s vision, manifested in the unique craftsmanship of fine footwear. When you wear a pair of Børn, you will experience beauty in comfort unlike any other. Art has always been created to inspire. Once you discover the unique experience found in Børn footwear, it will truly be an inspiration.

Featured shoe: Eva in Antique Gold.

Fashion, Featured Stories, Inspiration: Desert Awakening


As “Desert Awakening” came to life in the wilderness of Borrego Springs, California, we were swept away by the surreal landscape, transported to an otherworldly realm, in the seemingly infinite expanse of desert and sky.  The tones were ever so subtle, faded by the relentless desert sun, creating a clean neutral palette from which our vision sprung forth.

Our Spring 2015 collections draw from the unconventional beauty of the desert — wind-sculpted smooth textures and dusty hues —  all organically inspired and designed to wrap your feet in unparalleled  comfort.

This season, we feature soft ballerina flats, molded footbed sandals and go everywhere wedges, all constructed with Børn signature comfort.

Discover “Desert Awakening” and explore the subtle neutrals, shimmering metallics and dusty colors of our Spring 2015 collections.




Featured Stories, Inspiration: Food for Thought

Here at Børn, we love our occasional fast food splurges but we truly try our best to eat whole, locally grown foods. Of course, eating well doesn’t have to mean dull and tasteless. Just last month, we took a journey to the quaint countryside hamlet of Frenchtown, NJ. Among the sprawling dairy and produce farms and historic colonial enclaves, we happened upon the Lovin’ Oven, a warm and welcoming restaurant, enriched by locally sourced provisions and inspired by love. What better way to share comfort than with the deserving staff of this culinary find?

We spent the day with the staff and had the distinct pleasure of sampling some of the Lovin’ Oven’s best dishes. Owner, Julie Klein spoke to her dedication of supporting local farmers by incorporating their seasonal best into many of her dishes.  She also emphasized the importance of the family-like and unpretentious atmosphere that makes Lovin’ Oven so inviting.

Julie’s dedicated serving staff loved wearing Fall 2014 styles by Børn as they sailed through the busy lunch rush in style and comfort. The best part of the day was sampling a few of the kitchen’s offerings, and trust us when we say it was nothing short of amazing!

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Great shoes and great food go hand in hand. Eat well, feel well and stay comfortable!  #wewearborn

Check out this video for some tasty and stylish highlights from our day.

For more on the Lovin’ Oven visit

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