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DIY, Inspiration: Autumn Light

What is it about the arrival of autumn that makes us instantly crave the warmth of cozy layers, pumpkin-spiced everything and our favorite broken-in leather boots (from Børn, of course)?

Maybe it’s the excitement of the possibilities of the new harvest season or the craving for comfort as summer makes its bittersweet exit.

Whatever the reason may be, that first bite of crisp chill in the morning air awakens our need for a fall refresh, not only for our wardrobes but for our home décor as well. We thought up a simple little craft, that won’t break the bank and adds a touch of rustic charm and warmth to the home as the cooler weather sets in.

You can craft this rustic votive holder with materials already on hand and accents foraged from your own back yard.

You will need:

–          A small glass container, at least 2 inches in diameter

–          Tea lights or votive size candles

–          Glue gun/glue sticks

–          A handful of twigs snapped to roughly match the size of the glass. Gather these outside – and grab more than you think you’ll need!

*A store-bought candle jar or tumbler also works, just be sure to peel off any labels before you begin to glue.


1.  Begin by gluing each twig to the glass individually. Press on and move on to the next twig.

2.  Go around the perimeter of the glass until it is covered with twigs. You might want to go over any gaps when you’re done.

3.  Voila! You now have a votive candle holder that brings the outdoors in, minus the chill!

Watch our tutorial video here:

We hope your autumn is filled with warmth, comfort and light!

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DIY: Picture This – Scrapbooking

Stuck inside on a chilly day? Let your creativity shine by turning your family photos into frame-able works of art.

We found this inspired idea on the papersnitch blog ( and decided to try it ourselves and share it with you. Using this special technique you can print your favorite digital images on unique textured art papers, bringing out soft and delicate detailing.

Try experimenting with different types of papers such as mulberry paper, mango paper or unryu, available at arts and craft stores. These art papers will run through common at-home digital printers. Try layering different images and papers, or even add meaningful text, then place your creations in eye-catching, diverse frames. It’s a great way to turn regular family photos into treasured art keepsakes.

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1:
Look for unique printing papers with unusual textures at your local craft or hobby store.

Step 2:
Choose your favorite digital photographs — high contrast photos work best.

Step 3:
Print your photos onto the art papers so they fit in the frames.

Step 4:
Place your prints into frames; choose cool, odd-shaped frames for added interest.