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DIY: 4th of July All-American Rhubarb Pie

Every year, we look forward to Fourth of July celebrations, because any kind of potluck or fun barbecue gathering is sure to involve yummy home-cooked delights and mouth-watering fresh summer fruits. Here, we’ve cooked up an amazing All-American rhubarb pie that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. So simple, and super festive, everyone will get a kick out of your patriotic spirit, all while enjoying this delicious blend of strawberries, blueberries and rhubarb.DIY All-American Rhubarb Pie Image 02If you’re not already a rhubarb fan, you’ll be a believer after you’ve tasted this pie. Rhubarb is a short season fruit, (or more accurately a vegetable) and we were beginning to think there was a Great Rhubarb Shortage of 2015. It turned out that rainy weather delayed its availability, and it is now at area supermarkets in abundance. Paired with blueberries and summer-sweet strawberries, rhubarb is sure to win you over.DIY All-American Rhubarb Pie Image 03FUN AND FESTIVE FOR THE FOURTH

Ingredients: Crust — use your favorite prepared double pie crust to make it easy

Ingredients: Strawberry-Rhubarb Filling

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup pie filling enhancer
1/8 teaspoon salt
3 cups lightly packed diced rhubarb, fresh or frozen
2 cups hulled, quartered strawberries, fresh or frozen

Ingredients: Blueberry Filling

2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons pie filling enhancer
2 cups blueberries, washed and drained
1 1/2 teaspoons lemon juice

To make this pie, just follow this step by step recipe from King Arthur Flour to create this flag-tastic classic. There are two pie fillings you’ll need to make. Use blueberry for under the stars, and rhubarb-strawberry for under the stripe design. Cut your ready-made pie crust top into stars and stripes, seal your edges, and that’s all there is to it! Other than the actual baking, of course. We love to finish this off with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, plus a sprig of fresh mint.DIY All-American Rhubarb Pie Image 04Your guests will be delighted with this incredible fresh fruit and vegetable combination. Since fresh rhubarb comes into season just in time for the 4th, there’s no better way to kick off your fireworks celebration than to treat your guests to this delicious taste of Americana.DIY All-American Rhubarb Pie Image 05

Børn Tastemaker: Dash of Darling

Caitlin of Dash of Darling recently rocked a pair of Born wedges for a Saturday morning brunch date. And as weekend brunches usually go, this particular one took her and her husband on an adventure around town, stopping to snap a few pics of Caitlin’s stylish look.

Caitlin broadcasts this and her other stylish adventures from Scottsdale, Arizona where she lives with her husband and two pups. Dash of Darling covers everything from enviable personal style shots, home decor inspo, and health and beauty tips. In the summer, Caitlin’s Instagram feed is filled with palm trees, pool sides, and outfits completed with that Southwestern style vibe.


Flirty printed shorts, a flowly white lace top, woven tote and Børn wedges made up this flawless Saturday look sported by the Darling herself. These Adalina wedges have an exaggerated stitching detail over thick crisscrossing straps. In fact these shoes are so darn cool that they’ve sold out completely. For a similar sandal with a dramatic stitch detail, check out Larina; a bit more casual than Adalina, and a little easier to get on thanks to a slip-on silhouette. Larina comes in mosto (brown) and black.

Born-Shoes-2 (1)

Adalina carried Caitlin comfortably throughout her day, and that fact was totally not lost on her. Here’s what she has to say about the shoes, “The leather on this pair was super soft on my feet, providing a natural feel, and I didn’t have any issues as we wandered thanks to the extra cushioning in the soles. But the best news is that I didn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.” Read the rest at

Artist Spotlight: Jacqueline Rush Lee


Old books gain new life in the fascinating work of Hawaii-based artist Jacqueline Rush Lee. Lee transforms the very nature of her volumes, giving them new narratives, elegant in concept and design. Primarily working with reclaimed books, Jacqueline chooses specimens that have been lovingly handled, often with carefully taped pages and repaired spines, honoring these qualities even as she dramatically alters their physical forms.Artist Spotlight Jacqueline Rush Lee Image 02Much more than words on a page, Lee’s subjects become delicate organic forms with new meaning. The gentle floral shapes reference their former texts but seem to whisper softly of another tale.Artist Spotlight Jacqueline Rush Lee Image 03Originally from Northern Ireland with an MFA from the University of Hawaii, Jacqueline has been creating her sculptures for over seventeen years. To learn more about Jacqueline’s inspired sculptures, please visit Spotlight Jacqueline Rush Lee Image 04

See Jacqueline’s picks for summer fun and style in Hawaii, Eryka and Gaby.

Børn Tastemaker: Jo-Lynne Shane

Next in line part of our Børn Tastemaker series is the stylishly down-to-earth Jo-Lynne of eponymous blog, Jo-Lynne Shane.

With a “Fashion, Food, Family” tagline, you can trust that Jo-Lynne is a champion of day-to-day life and wearable fashion. Despite being a busy lady and mom to three she still finds the time to deliver on her blog’s mission of informing the ladies out there on how to stay fabulous after 40. Straight from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Jo-Lynne Shane covers everything from gluten-free recipes to family travel advice to her weekly Wednesday outfit posts.

One particular Wednesday found Jo-Lynne in two pairs of Børn shoes, documented in a post called “Fashion Over 40 with Børn Shoes.” In it Jo-Lynne describes the dilemma every shoe-loving gal faces in life; to continue on with the high heels and foot problems, or to trade the heels in for more comfortable but equally stylish shoes?

It seems Jo-Lynne made the inevitable and comfortable call to strap into her comfortable Børn sandals that won’t leave her foot feeling mangled, or cause her to sacrifice your soles in the name of fashion. Her first outfit consists of seafoam green skinnies and a cream colored tunic – a look, she writes, that will be perfect for Sunday mass or lunch with friends. She finishes her summery outfit with a pair of Tilda platform wedges.

jo lynne resize

Tilda is a comfortable slip-on wedge with a thick enough platform to offset any teetering height. It is such a loved shoe that it’s actually sold out in the gold color modeled by the lovely Jo-Lynne above. Bummer, we know. It is however still available in brown basket wrap for $89 at

The second pair of sandals is the Mai sandal, crisscrossed with unique straps that make it standout from the rest of your summer shoes. Jo-Lynne writes, “I was worried that the straps might cut into the sides of my feet, but they are super soft and they don’t cause blisters or discomfort of any sort. I’m truly impressed. These are definitely going to get a lot of airtime in my wardrobe this summer! I can see myself wearing them with cropped jeans, skirts, dresses and definitely with shorts.”

jo lynne shane 4

Mai is currently available in three colors on; baby blue, black and bianco. This summer sandal has an incredibly versatile silhouette – try it on with every of your outfits in your closet.


TILDA | $89.


MAI | $85.



Børn Tastemaker: Prosecco & Plaid

Jessica, the gal behind Prosecco & Plaid is a Newport native, and no stranger to city living.

Having grown up in the breezy, seaside city situated on an quaint eastern corner of Rhode Island’s coastline, she is no stranger to the sophistication of nautical styling. But also having spent time living in big cities on both coasts (Brooklyn and Los Angeles) she knows how to dress like a city girl.

prosecco plaid 2

Describing her style as “coastal New England mixed with city chic,” Jessica of Prosecco & Plaid is a style beacon for us in the north east. We love her Instagram for carrying us through the four seasons felt so strongly here in this corner of the country; in the warmer months she snaps pictures of deep aqua waves of the Atlantic, and seascapes decorated with lighthouses. In the winter she documents the delicacy of snow covered trees, while flexing her sartorial sense when the snow melts just enough to allow for heeled booties and masterfully layered sweaters.

Now, on the cusp of summer, Jessica spends a Sunday hanging out on the docks of Jamestown with her adorable dog, and adorable shoes. Børn shoes, obviously.  Clad in Bermuda denim shorts, a white knit sweater and mirrored aviator sunglasses, she finishes her outfit with the casual Gaby stacked sandal.

Of her shoes, Jessica writes “I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they were and easy to walk in, even on a moving dock and rocky paths. I wore them all day and I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of heels that were this comfortable from morning to night.”

prosecco plaid 3

Gaby lends itself to any easy, notch-above-casual look you put together for a day time date or brunch. Thanks to a leather-wrapped heel with a stacked effect, it is the perfect jeans sandal. With a three inch heel height you will find, like Jess, that you’ll be surprised how far they will carry you into your day.

gaby neutralshalice noel gaby
gaby 3 N21616-500x351





Gaby, $155

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