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Fashion, Featured Stories: NYFW: Crown X Katie Gallagher Fall 2014

Crown is honored to be the official footwear sponsor of the Katie Gallagher Fall 2014 runway show during New York Fashion Week.  Custom versions of the KRISSA bootie were featured on the runway with the womenswear designer’s latest collection. Gallagher artfully distressed and stained a selection of the footwear in oxblood to suit her “Wonderworld” theme that explores abandoned amusement parks. The unique footwear complimented each look in the collection.


Fashion: Take Me Away – Resort Style

With the vast majority of the country locked in the icy grip of the rogue polar vortex (it’s a real thing, we swear), one can’t help but yearn for sunny shores and balmy breezes.  Let’s face it, we’re up to our ankles in slush and our skin is so pale we could be extras on the next season of True Blood.  So let’s close our eyes and visualize warm breezes, swaying palms and a place where salt is only on the rim of our cocktails and in the crystal blue water….

Børn offers several comfortably chic options for Resort 2014, whether you’re headed to a warmer climate for a winter get-away or just day-dreaming about spring.  Here are a few of our favorites, paired with our dream pieces and sunny destinations.

Eleanor-Resort 14To tour the Italian Amalfi Coast, we would pair these charming Børn Eleanor Mary Janes with these floral shorts by Giambattista Valli. (photo courtesy of

Emmy - Resort 14Cabo San Lucas calls for tranquil hues of blue and green.  Børn Emmy wedge sandals and silk maxi dress by Matthew Williamson.  (photo courtesy of

Kamie - Resort 14A night out in Sydney needs some metallic and citrus accents.  We’d pair these pewter Børn Kamie sandals with this Derek Lam blouse.  (photo courtesy of

Stay warm, friends!




DIY: Picture This – Scrapbooking

Stuck inside on a chilly day? Let your creativity shine by turning your family photos into frame-able works of art.

We found this inspired idea on the papersnitch blog ( and decided to try it ourselves and share it with you. Using this special technique you can print your favorite digital images on unique textured art papers, bringing out soft and delicate detailing.

Try experimenting with different types of papers such as mulberry paper, mango paper or unryu, available at arts and craft stores. These art papers will run through common at-home digital printers. Try layering different images and papers, or even add meaningful text, then place your creations in eye-catching, diverse frames. It’s a great way to turn regular family photos into treasured art keepsakes.

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1:
Look for unique printing papers with unusual textures at your local craft or hobby store.

Step 2:
Choose your favorite digital photographs — high contrast photos work best.

Step 3:
Print your photos onto the art papers so they fit in the frames.

Step 4:
Place your prints into frames; choose cool, odd-shaped frames for added interest.

Inspiration: Patrick Dougherty

“I see beauty in the branches” - Artist Patrick Dougherty puts his twist on nature.

One man’s sticks are another’s sculpture. Or at least they are for the creative mind of Patrick Dougherty, the sculptor behind fascinating art pieces made out of nothing more than tree saplings.

Over two decades Dougherty has created upwards of two hundred large scale sculptures for public works projects all over the world. What inspired this curious passion? A love for nature and an interest in primitive building techniques led him to experiment with samplings as material. Soon, he began making a living doing his “stick work,” and today, he’s known as one of the world’s leading environmental artists. Undoubtedly, Dougherty’s sculptures both engage and inspire. He sees beauty in the branches and so do we.


For more on Patrick and his amazing natural sculptures, visit

Photos: First image taken by Fin Macrae, second image taken by Adam Rodriguez.

Featured Stories: Burnished Tides

Come with us on a journey to Burnished Tides. A journey filled with the artful spirit and carefree flourish of a world called Tropicalia.

As we created “Burnished Tides,” we almost felt like we were in the Amazon. The dense landscapes and the intensity of tropical color bursting all around us — we felt like real swashbucklers as we surrounded ourselves in every shade of green and brown you can imagine. With hints of bright tropical color popping up in the most unexpected places.

stylesOur Spring 2014 collections mirror these essential notes — intricate textures, hand-burnished natural color, and more fundamental, organically-inspired designs that naturally wrap your feet like a second skin.

You will adore our new collection of earthy flats, and our updated higher wedge looks are more enchanting than ever. Designs you can walk in for miles, and cherish forever.

We welcome summer with an intense appreciation for artisan, hand-crafted design and detail that truly lets you express your own sense of style, creativity, art and individualism.

Never has our love for Mother Earth been so evident. Welcome to “Burnished Tides,” and immerse yourself into the storied textures, deep color, and incredible comfort and fashion of Børn Spring 2014. Viva la Tropicalia!


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