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Featured Stories, Inspiration: Food for Thought

Here at Børn, we love our occasional fast food splurges but we truly try our best to eat whole, locally grown foods. Of course, eating well doesn’t have to mean dull and tasteless. Just last month, we took a journey to the quaint countryside hamlet of Frenchtown, NJ. Among the sprawling dairy and produce farms and historic colonial enclaves, we happened upon the Lovin’ Oven, a warm and welcoming restaurant, enriched by locally sourced provisions and inspired by love. What better way to share comfort than with the deserving staff of this culinary find?

We spent the day with the staff and had the distinct pleasure of sampling some of the Lovin’ Oven’s best dishes. Owner, Julie Klein spoke to her dedication of supporting local farmers by incorporating their seasonal best into many of her dishes.  She also emphasized the importance of the family-like and unpretentious atmosphere that makes Lovin’ Oven so inviting.

Julie’s dedicated serving staff loved wearing Fall 2014 styles by Børn as they sailed through the busy lunch rush in style and comfort. The best part of the day was sampling a few of the kitchen’s offerings, and trust us when we say it was nothing short of amazing!

PicMonkey Collage

Great shoes and great food go hand in hand. Eat well, feel well and stay comfortable!  #wewearborn

Check out this video for some tasty and stylish highlights from our day.

For more on the Lovin’ Oven visit

*Featured style Vita is available for purchase at

Fashion, Featured Stories: Our Børn Holiday 2014 Gift Guide

With the winter holidays fast approaching, our spirits are lifted by the gathering of friends and family and the warmth shared by the love of giving. What better way to embrace the holiday spirit than to give the gift of comfort with a pair of artisan crafted Børn?

We’ve curated our top picks to check off everyone on your list.

Give comfort. Give cheer. Give Børn.

For the cozy up by the fire type…Give Kaia.  This shearling lined bootie is perfect for frosty days best spent delving into an engrossing novel while sipping a cup of tea.  SHOP KAIA.


For the country gal at heart…Give Tinsley or Give Gilly.  These Western-inspired staples are sure to keep feet happy and look killer with a favorite pair of jeans and button down plaid flannel.  SHOP TINSLEYSHOP GILLY.

BornHolidayPolaroids_0004_Tinsley BornHolidayPolaroids_0001_Gilly

For the city chic fashionista…Give Jem. Our runaway hit this season, Jem is the essential downtown cool Chelsea boot packed with style versatility and unrivaled Børn comfort. SHOP JEM.


For the refined sophisticate…Give Crown.  Gorgeous silhouettes finished in fine Italian leathers are sure to make a memorable holiday.  SHOP CROWN.

BornHolidayPolaroids_0003_Wylla BornHolidayPolaroids_0002_London

For the men on your list…Give Jax or Give Laughton.  Børn’s signature artisan crafted construction provides unparalleled comfort, essential to every man’s casual wardrobe.  SHOP JAXSHOP LAUGHTON.

BornHolidayPolaroids_0006_Jax BornHolidayPolaroids_0007_Laughton

All of us at Børn wish you and yours a joyous, safe and comfortable holiday season.  Cheers!

Beauty: Organic Beauty, Organically Inspired Comfort

At Børn, we craft the most comfortable and uniquely beautiful footwear, keeping your feet happy and your style top notch. But footwear choice is just a small piece of the overall comfort equation.  Therefore, we’re always on the lookout for businesses and individuals that speak to the vision of Børn – inspired by nature’s beauty, driven by superior comfort and a state of well-being.

This month, we took a trip to The B Hive Organic Salon – an eco salon that embodies the Børn philosophy in so many ways.  Angela and James Alba conceived the idea for this salon when faced with the harsh realities of the mainstream hair and beauty industry – stylists and clients risk excessive exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and the excessive use of water, electricity and styling products negatively impact the environment. Additionally, stylists spend long hours on their feet and are prone to repetitive stress injuries (think hours of wrist twisting blow-drying).


Consequently, the Albas created an inspired space, where clients could receive services using exclusively organic and environmentally friendly products.   The B Hive stylists receive extensive technical training with these products and the result is on par with or even better than a traditional salon.  Plus, their clients leave the salon knowing they’ve made a beneficial choice for themselves and the environment.


From reclaimed barn siding to harvested rain water for their plants and flowers and wind powered engergy and LED lighting, every detail of the interior design of the B Hive Salon was consciously put in place with the environment in mind.  They feature hard-to-find product lines that are organic, vegan and locally sourced. Lastly, the salon is an active part of the vibrant NYC suburb of Hillsdale, New Jersey, supporting their fellow small businesses and contributing to the community.


We spent the day with the talented staff and outfitted them each with a pair of Børn from our Fall 2014 collection. In a profession requiring long hours standing while exuding of-the-moment style, Børn was a perfect fit!  Watch this video to meet the staff and get some great fall styling ideas for your Børn shoes.

For more information on The B Hive Organic Salon visit

Own or know of a business, artist or individual that embodies the Børn lifestyle?  Share your story with the #WeWearBorn community or contact us at

DIY, Inspiration: Autumn Light

What is it about the arrival of autumn that makes us instantly crave the warmth of cozy layers, pumpkin-spiced everything and our favorite broken-in leather boots (from Børn, of course)?

Maybe it’s the excitement of the possibilities of the new harvest season or the craving for comfort as summer makes its bittersweet exit.

Whatever the reason may be, that first bite of crisp chill in the morning air awakens our need for a fall refresh, not only for our wardrobes but for our home décor as well. We thought up a simple little craft, that won’t break the bank and adds a touch of rustic charm and warmth to the home as the cooler weather sets in.

You can craft this rustic votive holder with materials already on hand and accents foraged from your own back yard.

You will need:

-          A small glass container, at least 2 inches in diameter

-          Tea lights or votive size candles

-          Glue gun/glue sticks

-          A handful of twigs snapped to roughly match the size of the glass. Gather these outside – and grab more than you think you’ll need!

*A store-bought candle jar or tumbler also works, just be sure to peel off any labels before you begin to glue.


1.  Begin by gluing each twig to the glass individually. Press on and move on to the next twig.

2.  Go around the perimeter of the glass until it is covered with twigs. You might want to go over any gaps when you’re done.

3.  Voila! You now have a votive candle holder that brings the outdoors in, minus the chill!

Watch our tutorial video here:

We hope your autumn is filled with warmth, comfort and light!

Don’t forget to check out all Børn has to offer to complete your fall wardrobe. Discover FALL 2014.



Comfort Technology: Comfort by Design…The Art of Opanka

From its inception, Børn footwear has been synonymous with comfort. But what makes Børn so unique?

From its inception, Børn footwear has been synonymous with comfort. But what makes Børn so unique? The Opanka construction technique is an Old World shoe-making technique that sews the outsole, insole, sock lining and upper components of the shoe in one stitch, eliminating the need for excess cements, which cause the shoe to stiffen. Without these cements, Børn shoes rebound with each step, cradling the foot with a trampoline-like effect. The value of Opanka is intrinsic to the pain-staking process in which our shoes our manufactured. Check out this video for an inside look at the process.

Some added features of our comfort driven construction include generous toe boxes that allow the toes to lay flat and move freely, padded foam insoles, naturally moisture-wicking sock linings and shock absorbing outsoles.  The allure of Børn rests in the seamless combination of innovative comfort technology and tastefully inspired style.

Every time you purchase a pair of Børn, you are making an investment in your comfort and style!

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