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Desert Awakening: Musings from Adalina

It has been said that the wind, a hot wind in summer, a dry twirling one that blows out into the California desert, be it called the Santa Ana or the Santa Maria (or however else it goes) can indeed change the way one perceives what lies ahead.

Desert Awakening Adalina Image 02A summer wind, no matter where one is, marks the creeping in of the uncontrollable; it heralds adventure and mystery and the disregard for doing anything “just so”.

Desert Awakening Adalina Image 03It allows us to remember to say to one another, “lets get lost”. So off we go, and we drive this time without a map and we pack with abandon, throwing in loose linens and gauzy scarfs; things you can just run with but still feel right, where the only silhouette is the sun, and you go nowhere in particular, but everywhere all at once.

Later you will tell people the dancing wind made your whole summer.

Desert Awakening Adalina Image 04You will look back at pictures and in all of them you seem to be swept up in it all. Layers of color that mimic the Sahara, khakis and creams and slips the same shade as the dunes of sand at your feet. You will smile with the way the wind encouraged your sense of freedom and allowed you to embrace the bohemian spirit within you.

Experience: Adalina


Hand Crafted with Love: Meet Marge Granola

The Marge of Marge Granola, is really Megan Gordon, and she’s been cooking up the most delicious collection of small batch cereals, mueslis and granolas you could ever imagine. They’re so good, we just simply had to share.

Marge Granola Image 02You’ll want to toss those sugary-sweet cereals aside, because your family will love the toasty taste of these handcrafted-with-love, guilt-free grains. Whether you’re looking for an easy packable snack for you and the kids, or simply want to make eating a healthy breakfast fun, Marge Granola will always rise to the occasion.

Marge Granola Image 03Try one of these fun family DIY recipes straight from Megan, they’re sure to spark your family’s creativity. We have three words: Tropical. Muesli. Parfait. With glass jars, tropical or seasonal fruit, yogurt, Marge Muesli, coconut flakes and sliced almonds, you’ll have all the makings of a kid-friendly meal that’s fun to create, but also healthy and yummy. But let’s not kid ourselves, your inner child will love these just as much. Click here for the recipe.

Marge Granola Image 04For the perfect spring-summer packable, we can’t think of a better DIY than the Citrus-Spiked Muesli Bars. They’re a wonderful blend of dates, almond butter, cinnamon, orange zest, various juices and extracts, and of course, muesli. Don’t be intimidated, it’s a lot more straightforward than you think, and it’s totally worth the effort. Click here for the recipe.

  Marge Granola Image 05   Marge Granola Image 06

What we love just as much as Megan’s delicious DIY recipes? The fact that Marge Granola is a company devoted to producing a hand crafted product that’s not only good for you, but good for the community. Read all about Marge Granola at, pick up Megan’s cookbook, and enjoy all her great recipes and unique musings on life and food at

 Marge Granola Image 07  Marge Granola Image 08

Photo credit: reprinted with permission from Whole Grain Mornings: New Breakfast Recipes to Span the Seasons by Megan Gordon, ©2013 Ten Speed Press.

Artist Spotlight: Ricardo Breceda

We couldn’t help but discover the amazing art of Ricardo Breceda while in Borrego Springs, California scouting our Desert Awakening campaign. His incredible, larger than life (literally) prehistoric creatures once again cast a shadow on the desert sand throughout the Borrego Valley. His story is one of pure fantasy and self-discovery — all inspired by the love for his daughter, Lianna.


Artist Spotlight Ricardo Breceda Image 02When seven-year-old Lianna asked her father to make her a life-size dinosaur like those in Jurassic Park, Ricardo Breceda couldn’t have dreamed how it would change his life.  Having experienced a devastating construction accident, the Mexico-born Ricardo had persevered and was now operating a thriving boot business in California.  Yet, wanting to please his daughter, he began what would become his artistic awakening.

True, he had been experimenting with scrap metal and a welder he had snatched up in a trade, but with no previous art training, he wasn’t sure how to begin. After a year of cutting, hammering, welding, and numerous scraped knuckles, what emerged from his efforts was a seventeen-foot-tall Tyrannosaurs Rex, much to the delight of Lianna.

Artist Spotlight Ricardo Breceda Image 03Fast forward ten years and Ricardo has turned his “accidental art” into a thriving business. Inspired by nature, history and whimsy, his collection of rusty metal sculptures has grown to include velociraptors, mammoths, elephants, sloths, sabertooth cats, giant tortoises, even a 350-foot-long sea serpent and many more, all of which reside in the Sky Art collection in Borrego Springs. To date Ricardo has installed sculptures in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and throughout the U.S.

So what became of his muse? Lianna has been by his side all along, helping to craft his creatures and helping with installations even as a child. Today, at 20 years old, she is invaluable in every phase of the business and together they are taking on the world one T-Rex at a time.

Artist Spotlight Ricardo Breceda Image 04     Artist Spotlight Ricardo Breceda Image 05

Undoubtedly, Ricardo’s story proves that with perseverance, hidden talent and the inspiration of a little girl’s wish, a passionate man can become a renowned artist. Even by accident.

Watch this inspiring video of Ricardo, and see how he dreams BIG.

For more on Ricardo and his larger than life sculptures, visit

Desert Awakening: Musings from Mahala

Everything you are drawn to seems to have a sense of nostalgia and maybe it is because you came out here to forget. You pull on flittering folds of translucent fabrics that remind you of the Amalfi Coast, or Marrakesh or some other exotic adventure.

You feel like playing old records that, out here, remind you of all those good times. So you listen to Mirage from front to back, because something about the desert and Fleetwood Mac just go hand in hand.Desert Awakening Mahala Image 2And when it plays, you just want to kick your shoes off, and let your hair down all messy and loose, and dream.Desert Awakening Mahala Image 3Your feet are sandy but they almost feel better that way in your sandals. You are so happy to dream, to flirt with light and sun and sky, and just lose yourself in the moment.Mahala MarineExperience Mahala.

The Story of Børn, Part 1: Discovery

The Børn story is founded on the enduring nature of art and our passion for beautiful, handcrafted comfort. The idea that footwear could be designed with a free-spirited, independent fashion attitude and still embody an amazing comfort experience, marked the beginning of a new era of footwear design.

Origin 1 Discovery Image 2.jpg
It was almost 20 years ago when our customers first discovered the Børn ethos, defined by our signature handcrafted stitch. Using the art of old-world shoemaking, and with leather as our ultimate canvas, Børn soon became lovingly embraced by those seeking to express themselves in pure comfort and beauty.

Origin 1 Discovery Image 3.jpg      Origin 1 Discovery Image 4.jpg
Still today, each pair of Børn is designed and hand crafted as a unique work of art. Our passion for seeking out the finest leathers from around the world, and for developing our own hand finishings and detailing, continues to set the standard for artisan comfort footwear. Although many have tried to emulate the look and feel of Børn, there is no other footwear that can duplicate our patented comfort by construction experience, or our visionary shoemaking artistry.

Origin 1 Discovery Image 5.jpg
Børn is more than a culture or an ideal. It is an artist’s vision, manifested in the unique craftsmanship of fine footwear. When you wear a pair of Børn, you will experience beauty in comfort unlike any other. Art has always been created to inspire. Once you discover the unique experience found in Børn footwear, it will truly be an inspiration.

Featured shoe: Eva in Antique Gold.

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